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What is content digital distribution?

Distribution of content such as films, TV shows, documentaries, music, etc, through various online platforms is termed as content digital distribution.

What are the different types of digital platforms?

Broadly there are 3 types of digital platforms:

Which SVOD platforms can Vista India deliver content to?

Currently, we are working with some of the most Premium platforms like Netflix and Amazon, among others.

Can we pitch concepts/ideas/screenplay of films, documentaries or episodic content?

Vista India helps rights owners/producers to license their finished content to multiple digital platforms. For pitching your ideas/concepts, you will have to reach out to the digital platforms on your own.

What are the different types of SVOD rights for Netflix?

What is the process to pitch my film to Netflix?

Our process involves presenting the film to our partner platform. Once they evaluate it, they get back to us with their feedback. If the film fits in with their programming, we share the cost expectations that we'll confirm with you before we convey it to the platform. The platform then reviews the same and gets back to us with their offer. This is then subsequently shared with you, and if it's acceptable to you, we'll go ahead and confirm it with the platform. The whole process takes around 3 to 4 weeks. Netflix is a curated service i.e we will present your film, however they make independent buying decisions.

What is the share between me and Vista India?

It is 80:20 of the gross revenue minus deductibles. 80% to the content/rights owner and 20% to Vista India.

What is the content delivery cost for Netflix?

Vista India is a Netflix Preferred Fulfillment Partner (NPFP). We handle the entire packaging and delivery of the content/rights to Netflix. The delivery cost depends on the formats that the content is delivered in, and shall be informed once we receive the deal terms from the platform.

Can you provide us with a ballpark for the license fee?

The license fee and its payment is part of the license terms that are shared by the platform if they are interested in the film. We wouldn't be able to share any ballpark figures/payment terms beforehand.

Can I get details on the license fee for the titles you have delivered to the platform?

We can not provide any revenue data on titles licensed through us to any platform, per our non-disclosure agreement with the content partners.

What is the payment structure of Netflix?

Netflix remits licensing fees on a quarterly basis, over the entire license period. Below is an example for a better understanding of the Netflix payment structure.

Starting from Feb 2018, Netflix will pay $10,000 every quarter to Vista India. Vista India will deduct it’s 20% share i.e $2000 and wire the remaining 80% i.e $8000 to the content/rights owner. This process will be repeated every quarter till Oct 2020. Every quarter the content/ rights owner will receive $8000 in his/her bank account through online transfer from Vista India.

How do I get my payment?

The License fee is routed through Vista India’s Indian Bank Account to the content/rights owner’s bank account, the details of which would be captured in the agreement. The licensing fee is remitted in Indian Rupees. All amounts payable by Vista India under this Agreement shall include all taxes except goods and services tax and shall be subject to withholding tax in accordance with applicable laws. The License Fee shall be inclusive of the delivery fee.

How long until my movie is online?

After delivering the assets to Vista India, it goes under QC checks at our end before delivering to Netflix. This process can take around 30 to 45 days depending on the condition of the assets and other factors. After this, Netflix takes around 30 days to make the content live on their platform. So, in total the whole process requires around 60 to 75 days.

For how many territories can I distribute my content?

Netflix is currently available worldwide in 190 countries (except China, Syria and North Korea)

After licensing my film to Netflix, can I publish it on other platforms?

The producer/ rights owner cannot publish the film on any of the AVOD & FVOD platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, etc. But they are free to put out their film on TVOD platforms like Apple TV, Google Play, etc.

What kind of assets are needed for Netflix?

You can go through the detailed Netflix asset guide here

What are the Netflix artwork specifications?

Vista India is a Netflix Preferred Creative Agency. Over the years, we have successfully delivered the artwork for many titles. For your reference, you can find the detailed artwork specifications for Netflix here

Do I have to sign a contract with Vista India?

Yes. We shall forward you our standard Netflix agreement. We will require you to confirm the contents of the Agreement before we pitch your content to Netflix. Furthermore, kindly note that once we receive your confirmation on the draft, no changes shall be made or accepted at a later stage. The only additions made to the draft will be to incorporate the offer details, as and when we receive the same.

Also, request you to note that we will not be able to send you the counter signed copy of the Agreement right away. The procedure we follow is that once the content partner signs the Agreement, we have the materials called from them and have them checked and approved. Once approved, we deliver the same to Netflix. Upon receiving the approval of the Platform, we counter sign the Agreement and send the content partner's copy across.

Stamp duty and other contract related charges are borne by Vista India.

Download Netflix Draft Agreement

How do I get started?

To start with you can share the submission guidelines (mentioned below) of your film at -

Note - Please do not share any information through Google Drive / Wetransfer etc.

Our content team will get back to you to take it to the next step.

Does the content require a CBFC certificate to be pitched?

Yes, we'll require the CBFC certificate before we pitch the film to our partner platforms. In case you have applied for the same, you can send us a copy of the application, and that would suffice for us to proceed with the pitching.

What is the guarantee that my content will be licensed by Netflix?

The final decision for selecting any content for licensing lies with the Netflix content team.

Do I have to pay for pitching my content to Netflix or any other platforms?

Yes, a service charge of Rs.15,000 + Tax will be applicable. If the content is licensed on any of the platforms we represent, this fee will be reversed and adjusted from our rev share.

I can see a revenue share of 80:20 and also the service fee. Can you please elaborate on that?

What type of services will be offered and is the fee and revenue share negotiable?

The mentioned split of 80:20, is the revenue share that we work on once we have a deal in place, where 80% is the right holder's share and 20% being Vista's. The service fee of INR 15,000 plus taxes is for pitching the content to multiple platforms and is non-refundable, however the same can be reversed and adjusted against Vista's revenue share in case there is a deal in future. The same is non-negotiable, and it is for the time and efforts invested by our team in exploring the licensing opportunities and pitching content to various platforms Vista is connected with.

Can I license multiple or a catalogue of films?

Yes, you can. For that, you just have fill in all the details of the films mentioned in the Netflix Avails Template and send it to us at - You can download the template from here

I am concerned that my film might get leaked online. Is sharing the screener necessary?

Yes. It is mandatory and is needed by the content team at Netflix for reviewing. Vista India takes all the necessary precautions to keep your film safe and secure.

How do I get to know if the team from the platform has watched my film screener link?

Various platforms have their own programming strategies and requirements. The content is assessed and selected on the basis of these strategies and requirements. They can choose to assess the content via the trailer link, synopsis, and other details. They must not restrict themselves to simply viewing the Vimeo link. The platforms have other factors - both internal and external before any content is selected or passed on by them. Hence, an increase in the views of the Vimeo link or a lack of it would not be completely accurate to decide the platform's interest in the content and its selection process.

Can I re-pitch my film to Netflix?

Please do let us know if your content has been pitched to Netflix before. Re-pitching is only done in special cases, so it is imperative for us to know if Netflix has already provided any feedback on your title.